PRESS RELEASE. GVN Floor Channel patented.

Simcoe 11/11/2011. Ontario based company GVN-Group Inc., specialized in  the design and construction of high quality Food Industrial Buildings, received the patent registration for Canada for their floor channel.

The channel is approved for use in food processing facilities. The floor channel is designed for use with insulated panel walls. Used in combination it provides the ultimate smooth wall solution for food industrial facilities. The product has many advantages. Food safety, through easier maintainable hygiene, being the most important one. It replaces the concrete curbs that are a requirement. In industrial food building construction projects this saves time, materials and labour. More advantages of the use of the patented channels are: flexiblity of wall placements since the channels are easy to remove or replace when needed. Walls are smooth from floor to ceiling and easy to clean. The 45 degree angle of the channel is a requirement for food facilities for sanitizing (hygiene) reasons.

In addition to the channels GVN developed building-block  fittings and extension pieces for door openings. These do not only create strong and durable walls but the ease and speed of building are a real advantage.

GVN provides total package solutions for food facility construction projects. Their aim is to receive the highest of ratings in the industry. For the USA the product is still patent-pending.