About Us

Originating from The Netherlands, the Geven family travelled the globe ensuing different consulting project-contracts. Jo consulted in several European countries and the Middle East before settling in Canada in 2003.

After starting in the Mushroom consulting business in Ontario Jo realised that there was a great opportunity to nationally improve this sector. Jo was quick in finding solutions derived from what he experienced in his international working career. Resulting in renewed and improved mushroom farms. He started with renovations, and the outstanding results ensured many requests to design other produce growing facilities, such as sprouts.

The company, located in a small area in Ontario called Nixon, was incorporated as GVN-Group Inc. in 2006. Since Mushroom farms required a relatively high level of environmental control systems and hygiene it made sense that other food facility designs were within GVN’s scope of work.

"GVN is an incorporated company which is still family owned and operated."

Today at GVN-Group Inc. we design, manage and build custom buildings for any industrial food sector. GVN-Group likes to consider itself a pioneer in innovative design and is specialized in the project management and construction of high-tech industrial food processing facilities. GVN is continuously developing - and improving on - its unique building styles. The team at GVN can handle large projects from design to finished construction. GVN-Group produces facility designs and layouts which comply with government requirements and are awarded only the highest of ratings.