Welcome to GVN-GROUP INC.
We create food industrial buildings, and are dedicated to developing sustainable and durable foundations. The design and management of construction projects for food related industries in North America is our specialization.

GVN-Group is proud to assist the Canadian Food Industry as it moves into the future. Raising the standards for food production facilities is the company's goal. GVN-Group builds process plants, warehouse centers and all-inclusive food processing facilities such as dairy, bakery, poultry, meat, fruit and vegetables.

Every year regulations become more stringent. At the moment the technology is available for state-of-the-art facilities that virtually eliminate the potential of human error. Innovation is critical to keep up with today's standards. By taking the right steps at this very moment, clients will ensure their facility is up to date and prepared for the future. GVN-Group's clients will secure long term savings with a smart investment.

The government of Canada supports organizations which are developing and implementing traceability processes and systems.There might often be grants and incentives available which make it worthwhile to build or renovate your facility promptly. Ask GVN for consultants that can help retrieve the information about incentives for your company.

What makes GVN-Group different?
Throughout the years the people behind GVN-Group have gained a lot of international experience. The founder of GVN-Group has taken European design and construction standards across the North Atlantic. On account of this GVN-Group combines the best of both continents in one business, developing a distinguished partnership of building morals.

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